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Parents love our kids martial arts classes just as much as their kids do! Why? Because through team-building exercises, embracing the challenges of martial arts, and focusing hard to learn the different techniques…

…kids become more focused, attentive, respectful, well-behaved – and even improve their grades in school! So do yourself – and your kid – a favor, and come give our kids classes a try. We guarantee you and your kid will love’em! Just click now for more info, and to get started.

Why MMA? We offer professional MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in Palm Coast, FL , (10 Florida Park Drive near Publix ) – a combination of wrestling, Brazlinian Jiu Jitsu & Striking Arts such as Mui Thai  - keeping the advanced martial artist in mind. It’s no surprise that the UFC has made a significant impact on making martial arts a very real career choice today. Most recently during the last couple years professional athletes have transitioned to MMA from other sanctioned sports. Flagler County, Fl only full MMA program in a Christian environment. 386-986-3130.

Located behind Starbucks & Publix in Palm Coast, Fl (10 Florida Park Dr C – rear of Bldg )
Top Level Karate & Jiu Jitsu Instructors

Top Level Karate & Jiu Jitsu Instructors

Karate. Nothing can prepare and sharpen young impressionable minds like this traditional martial art. A near perfect rank structure that takes one from beginner to master, giving proper responsibility and discipline with maturity. Our members always find the program entertaining, exciting, safe, and challenging enough to prepare them for the next level. 

Brazilian JuJitsu (BJJ) it’s hard to argue that this is the most advance ground fighting system. When the fight goes to the ground you always have the advantage. With BJJ you can learn how to fight against the best in the world. BJJ will give you the proper tools needed to stop a fight via submission. How can anyone stand a chance when you possess the knowledge to choke, break, manipulate them from every angle? Just one class will prove to you that this is worth knowing.

Muay Thai, how do we say this without sounding combative… we can’t. Muay Thai is regarded as “the science of 8 limbs” exploiting punches, kicks, elbows, and knee striking. This is the most effective form of striking seen in MMA today. It uses traditional boxing techniques with several martial arts kick combinations. Training is grueling, harsh, and physically demanding; requiring countless hours of drill and body hardening. This form of martial arts is an efficient full contact sport, which generates the most powerful strikes from the human body.
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